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Appearance : Light green powder
Moisture content : 7% Max.
Cr O Content : 12.0 1.0%
pH : In 10% aqueous solution, 3.0 – 4.5


  • TYCON - TCS imparts smooth, fine and soft grain.
  • Due to its low astringency, TYCON - TCS can be used for pre-tanning.
  • TYCON - TCS will be very beneficial to those who use wet blue stocks from different sources / batches. By using TYCON - TCS in rechroming, the wet blue leathers from various sources / batches are made uniform.
  • TYCON - TCS imparts uniform dyeing in pastel shades. TYCON - TCS will also enhance dyeing.
  • TYCON - TCS can also be used for the production of white leathers.


  • Pre-tanning : TYCON - TCS 1.0 – 2.0% Based on pelt weight
  • Chrome tanning : TYCON - TCS 5.0% Based on pelt weight
    Basic Chrome Sulphate (BCS) 5.0% Based on pelt weight


  • Under dry and cool storage conditions, the product does not show any problem and has an indefinite shelf life. Some caking may appear if stored under warm, damp conditions but this does not affect either the solubility or the efficiency of the product.

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