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Aspect : Off White powder
Active content : 95 ± 1%
Solubility : Readily soluble in water
pH : 3.0 - 4.0
Light fastness : Good


  • Durable tanning action
  • Very good fullness and mellowness
  • Improves the dispersion of other tanning and retanning agents
  • Fine and tight grain texture


  • TYCON - SN displays good tanning efficacy as well as dispersion properties for vegetable extracts and replacement syntans. These attributes render it a suitable companion not just for vegetable and mineral tannins but also for alternative eco-friendly tanning agents.
  • Thanks to good body and grain tightening character, TYCON - SN is highly suitable for all types of leathers requiring fine and uniform grain texture.
  • Percentage may vary from 3-6 % for shoe upper, 2-3 % for garment and upholstery leathers.

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