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Appearance : Cream colour powder
Active content : 97 ± 2%
pH(10% solun) : 3.2-4.2
Acid value : 20.30


  • Good body and roundness
  • Filling effect with buffering action
  • Good dispersion properties
  • Amphoteric in nature


  • TYCON - OS imparts body and filling and can be used before neutralization. In the main retannage after neutralization, TYCON - OS results in better exhaustion of other syntans and vegetable tannins. It also prevents sludge formation in tan liquors and helps to produce brighter and clearer leathers.
  • TYCON - OS is suitable for a wide range of applications in the production of-
    • Full chrome and retan upper leathers
    • Garment nappa
    • Suede and nubuck leathers
    • Aniline and pastel colour leathers.

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