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Appearance : Light Brown Powder
Solubility : Readily soluble in water
pH : 7.0-8.5
Light fastness : Excellent


  • Even round fullness and grain tightness.
  • Very good filling in loose parts
  • Good buffability
  • Commendable embossability
  • Facilitates dispersion of tannins and retanning agents


  • TYCON - MR is normally employed during main retannage along with other retanning agents and vegetable tannins. It’s highly effective in loose areas of hides and skins and imparts good grain tightness. Because of good filling and buffability, it’s an ideal choice for corrected grain leathers in general.
  • Its dispersing properties results in attaining uniform handle and good dye leveling effect with anionic dyestuffs.
  • TYCON - MR ensures uniformity and durability to the grain pattern not just flat leathers, but also in milled and tumble dried leathers as well.
  • Percentage of application may vary from 2-4 % for shoe upper, 1-2 % for garment and upholstery leathers.

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