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Appearance : Transparent pale viscous liquid
Active content : 28 ± 2%
PH : 7.0-9.0
Light fastness : Good
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • Excellent fullness, plumpness and roundness
  • Selective filling for loose areas
  • Unique combination of tight grain with low density (fluffiness)
  • Facilitates run and pliancy


  • Tycon - MA has been especially designed for soft segment of leathers including upholstery, softy, shoe nappa and garment nappa, where uniform fullness along with characteristic suppleness is intended.
  • Tycon - MA helps naturally to get uniformity of effect in dry milled and tumbled articles as well.
  • A percentage of 2-4% on shaved weight is normally recommended to be used after neutralization in the dyeing bath.
  • When used in a percentage of 1-2% after fatliquoring before fixing, Tycon-MA commendably regulates grain tightening, while mellow handle remains satisfactorily intact.

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