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Appearance : Red brown hygroscopic powder
Active content : About 93%
Ionicity : Anionic
PH : 4 - 4.5
Moisture : 7% maximum
Max. insolubles : 2%


  • Efficient penetration
  • Good fixation
  • Excellent yield
  • High filling effect
  • Easier buffing operation
  • Low astringency
  • Good light fastness


  • TYCON - KY shows very high filling properties for loose belly areas as the molecular size is comparatively large. It imparts a very light orange colour to the leather.
  • For good fullness and body, TYCON - KY can be used in the percentages of 4 to 16% on shaved wet blue weight. It should preferably be solubilized in lukewarm water for faster dispersion.
  • TYCON - KY has got the darkening and shining characters on polishing, burnishing or glazing.

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