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Appearance : Pale yellow clear liquid
Active content : 50 ± 2%
PH : 3.2-4.2
Light fastness : Very Good
Solubility : Easily soluble in water


  • Produces soft leather with full handle and fine grain.
  • It increases stitch tear resistance and gives suppleness to the leather with smooth grain, when used in pickling and chrome tanning.
  • Enhances the distribution and exhaustion of chrome uniformly
  • At high pH, it produces shrunken grain effect to the leather
  • It improves the penetration and levelness of the dyeing


  • TYCON - GA is highly recommendable to increase stitch tear resistance and suppleness in garment nappa, upholstery, shoe nappa and other soft leathers.
  • Both ionized and unionized amino groups of collagen can fix TYCON - GA as the reaction can take place both in acidic and alkaline conditions. It can, therefore, be used during pickling, rechroming or even after fatliquoring. Percentage may vary from 0.5 -1.0% of pelt weight or 1-2% of shaved wet blue weight.

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