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Appearance : Off White Powder
Solids : 95 %
pH : 8.0-9.0
Ionic Charge : Anionic


  • Tycon F60 is an anionic retanning resin which fills the open structured areas of the leather, imparting excellent fullness.
  • Tycon F60 produces leathers with a fine grain, good level dyeings and has little bleaching effect.
  • Tycon F60 imparts good buffing properties on suedes and nubucks.
  • Tycon F60 can be used in all types of leathers, where selected filling is necessary and in leathers where very low free formaldehyde residues are required.


  • Tycon - F60 should be used in the retanning process after neutralization has taken place.
  • Tycon - F60 can be used alone or in combination with other anionic synthetic or natural retanning products.
  • Tycon - F60 should be used in amounts of 2 – 8% based upon shaved weight and dependant on required effect.

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