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Appearance : Light beige powder
Active content : 95 ± 1%
Solubility : Readily soluble in hot water
pH : 6.0-8.0
Light fastness : Good


  • Very good dispersing actions for vegetable extracts and replacements syntans
  • Excellent leveling for dye stuff


  • TYCON - DL improves round handle and uniform body by dint of its tanning action and dispersing effect on vegetable extracts and replacement syntans. This holds good for retanning wet blue and wet white as well.
  • TYCON - DL retards the affinity of anionic dyes and regulates penetration resulting in excellent dye leveling.
  • TYCON - DL can be used 2-3% on shaved weight for tanning and dispersion of vegetable extracts and replacement syntans. Percentage can be 0.5-1% on shaved weight and 1-2% on dry crust weight for dye leveling action.

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