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Appearance : Dark brown hygroscopic / powder dedusted
Active content : About 95%
Ionicity : Anionic
PH : 4 - 5
Insolubles : 6.5 maximum


  • High iron resistance
  • Very good fixation power
  • Efficient penetration
  • Firmness & excellent fibre compactness
  • Improves hydrophobic features
  • High filling effect


  • TYCON - CN promotes exceptional tannin fixation on the skin enhancing firmness, fibre compaction, low water uptake and outstanding yield for heavy hides and sole leathers.
  • TYCON - CN displays good buffability and embossability with groomed handle and smooth surface feel. Also, it’s suitable for burnish and polish articles.
  • TYCON - CN is easily soluble in tap and hot water and percentages on shaved wet blue weight may vary from 4 to 12% depending upon the article.

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