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Appearance : Cream to light brown powder
Active content : 95 % min
pH of 10% solution : 3.5 ± 0.5
Acidity (acetic acid) : 6% max.
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • Wide compatibility with all vegetable & synthetic tanning materials
  • Good fibre & grain resilience to vegetable tanned leathers with high yield.
  • Good leveling effect on the dyeing
  • Good fullness and softness
  • Buffering action & slight neutralizing effect.


  • TYCON - CDI can be used as a replacement tanning agent in all stages of tannage for the production of heavy, medium & light leathers. It can be used with equally good results both in conventional tanning systems & in low float tanning processes.
  • Inclusion of TYCON - CDI during vegetable tanning has advantages of thorough tannage, improved grain properties, bright colour, uniform dyeing & prevention of sludge & mould formation.
  • In conventional system, optimum results are achieved by replacing 20-30% of the vegetable extracts by TYCON - CDI.
  • TYCON - CDI has a medium acid reserve. When combining it with low acid vegetable tanning materials in liquor systems, it is advisable to increase the acidity by adding 4-6 % of an organic acid like acetic or formic acid on the weight of TYCON - CDI. This improves liquor exhaustion, tannins fixation & dyeability.
  • For pastel and white leathers, recommended dosages of TYCON - CDI are 4-6% on shaved wet blue weight.

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