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Amphoteric synthetic tanning agent based on aromatic Sulphonic acid condensation
Recommended to improve fullness of the leather during re-tanning. Improves the ability of dyestuff.
Aspect : White colour powder
Basis : Aromatic Sulphonic acid condensates.
Moisture content : 6.0% Max
pH : In 10% aqueous solution, 3.3 – 3.7
Solubility : Excellent
Light fastness : Excellent


  • TYCON CAN has got all the properties of a full replacement syntan. Its amphoteric characteristic allows an early application before or during neutralization and thus the early strengthening of the fibres immediately prevents any further looseness of the leather.
  • TYCON CAN can be favorably combined with other syntans, vegetable tanning and acrylic resin as well.
  • TYCON CAN has got good filling and dispersing effects. It is very well adapted to the re- tanning process of the wet blue leather.
  • The leather retanned with TYCON CAN has good light fastness and imparts a brilliant and clear shade.


  • TYCON CAN can be used during rechroming, neutralization and retanning.
  • However the most suitable stage is during neutralization.The above information has been
  • given in good faith, with out liability
  • In Rechroming 2 – 3 % TYCON CAN
  • In Neutralization 2 – 3 % TYCON CAN
  • In Retanning 2 – 5 % TYCON CAN


  • Under dry and cool storage conditions, the product does not show any problem and has a shelf life of 2 years. Some caking may appear if stored under warm, damp conditions but this does not affect either the solubility or the efficiency of the product.

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