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Appearance : Reddish brown viscous liquid
pH : 1.0-3.0
Active content : 35 ± 2 %
Solubility : Readily soluble in hot water
Light Fastness : Excellent


  • Fine and smooth grain with even texture
  • Very good dyeability and light fastness
  • Helps in getting uniform milling effect in natural dry milled and upholstery leathers.


  • TYCON - AS has been designed to impart uniformity in body, roundness along with high strength and resistance to oxidation and high temperatures.
  • TYCON - AS shows good dyeing brilliance and is effectively employed for shoe upper, bag, furniture or automotive upholstery leathers out of wet blue or wet white.
  • Based on shaved weight, its percentage can vary from 2-6 % for regular processes.

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