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Appearance : Yellowish clear viscous paste
Active content : 30 ± 2%
PH : 7.0 to 8.0
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • Excellent softness and fullness
  • Reduces the looseness of the grain
  • Very good round handle
  • Facilitates uniform distribution of dyes
  • Produces a fine and elastic grain
  • Good compatibility with vegetable extracts and synthetic tanning agents


  • TYCON - AR 40 is very much suitable for all kind of leathers out of goat, cow, cow-calf and sheep.
  • TYCON - AR 40 should be used after neutralization to obtain the optimum result.
  • Some times TYCON - AR 40 can be used before and after fat liquoring to improve the grain compactness and avoid grain looseness.
  • Percentage may vary from 2-6% (on shaved wet blue weight) depending upon the desired articles and effects.

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