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Appearance : Cream coloured powder
Active content : 95 ± 5%
pH (10% soln.) : 7.5-8.5


  • Excellent dispersing properties.
  • Improves solubility and leveling of dye stuff.


  • Tycon - ALA is Recommended for all types of leather where increased dye leveling & dispersing properties are required.
  • As a neutralizing agent 100% water 2 -3% TYCON - ALA
  • As a dye leveling agent the neutralized chrome leather is treated with 100% water 0.5% TYCON - ALA 15 min. the syntan may be used prior to the dyeing or alongwith the dye stuff. as a dispersing agent for vegetable TYCON - ALA is an excellent dispersing agent for vegetable tan liquors and reduces sludge formation considerably.
  • ADD 2 -3% TYCON - ALA (in vegetable tannin – liquor bath)

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