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Appearance : Light cream colour powder
Active content : 95% (min.)
Ionicity : Anionic
pH (1:10) : 7.0
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • Buffering and complex forming action
  • Good resistance to heat and light
  • No grain coarsening


  • Being anionic and having neutral pH, TYCON - AKM reduces the cationic charges of chrome and mineral tanned leathers and neutralizes uniformly the surface and the cross section of leather leading to a great leveling action and improved exhaustion of anionic fat liquors, syntans and dyes.
  • No tanning action is observed on the grain of leather leading to no coarsening of the grain.
  • Owing to its acid-binding properties, TYCON - AKM has a basifying effect on chrome salts and it can be very well used in chromium baths.
  • TYCON - AKM can be used alone (1-3% on shaved weight) or in combination with common commercial neutralizing agents like sodium bicarbonate, sodium formate etc.
  • TYCON - AKM is highly suitable for initiating the retannage when used alone or in combination with other retanning agents.
  • When used after a chrome or zirconium tannage, for example on box calf and nappa, TYCON - AKM provides level dyeing by preventing the spontaneous reaction of anionic dyes with cationic charged leathers.

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