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Appearance : Milky white paste
Active content : 30± 2%
PH : 2.5-3.7
Reactive pH : 3.7 to 4.2
Light fastness : Excellent
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • Very good body and uniform thickness when used in chrome tanning as well as rechroming.
  • Plumps the leather thereby improving poor substance
  • Yields fuller bellies along with extraordinary roundness throughout the leather
  • Enhances grain tightness by filling loose papillary layers and inducts
  • compactness.
  • Produces a fine and elastic grain
  • Gives good lightfastness rendering it suitable for pastel or white leather processing
  • Enhances the tensile and stitch tear strengths of the leathers
  • Gives very good fluffiness in nappa leathers when used after fatliquoring
  • Avoids double layer problems usually found in sheepskins of certain origins
  • Helps in exhaustion of chrome in chrome tanning or rechroming bath


  • The action of Tycon-AF is largely dependent on the pH. The optimum pH range for its application is about 3.7-4.2 i.e. slightly acidic. Depending upon the article and the effect desired, the percentage and stage of application may vary as under:-
  • For cow softy leather, 3-5% of shaved weight before neutralization in the rechroming bath.
  • For cow upper from Bos Indicus fallen origin, 1-1.5% of pelt weight after basification in chrome tanning bath and 4-6% of shaved weight in rechroming.
  • For poor substance leathers, 1-1.5% of pelt weight in pickle bath with chrome and 5- 7% of shaved weight in rechroming.
  • For nappa leathers, 2-3% of shaved weight after far liquoring.
  • For buff calf nubuck leather, 2-4% of shaved weight in rechroming bath.
  • For high veg. Buff calf burnish leathers 2-4% of shaved weight in pertaining bath before vegetable retannage.
  • For goat glazed leathers, 3-4% of shaved weight in rechroming bath.
  • For double layer correction in sheep garment leathers, 5-7% of wet blue weight in rechroming.

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