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RESILAC 167 is a modified hydroxyl functional acrylic resin designed for formulation of high performance Two component Polyurethane Coatings.
Appearance : Clear Transparent viscous Liquid
Brookefield RVT Spl 4 / RPM 20 : 30 - 50
Max Acid Value : 6 – 8 mg KOH / g
Hydroxyl Equiv weight : 600 on solids basis
Solvents : Xylene:cellosolve acetate
% Solids @ 105°C / 90 min
Viscosity @ 25°C in Poise
: 60 ± 2


  • RESILAC 167 can be used with NCO / OH ratio of 1:1. However evaluation should be done by the user for optimum ratio of poly isocyanate to be used.
  • RESILAC 167 is used in coatings where room temperature cross linking is needed coupled with longer pot life and high solid formulation latitudes.
  • Alcoholic solvents must not be used as thinners.
  • For faster curing, catalyst like DBTL can be added. However, effect on pot life should be studied in such cases.
  • Typical dosage is 0.001% on resin solid.
  • Pot LIFE: typically upto one day if stored in proper conditions.
  • To enhance the performance, the use of catalysts like dibutyl tin laureate and UV absorbers are ecommended.


  • RESILAC 167 is used as a resin for formulating the following coatings:
  • Maintenance coatings for tanks, Plant equipment offshore structures.
  • Transport finishes for Trucks, buses, ships.
  • For overall all round performance with good hardness.
    (for handling please refer MSDS)

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