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Appearance : Milky liquid
Active content : 28 + 1%
pH : 2.0 - 4.0
Compatibility : Readily compatible in aqueous media
Charge : Anionic
Specific Gravity @ 25°C : 1.054


  • Excellent thickening ability
  • Neutralizes at pH 8.0


  • RESICRYL TH-460 is an alkali swellable acrylic emulsion used as a thickener in water borne coatings. When the emulsion is diluted with water and neutralized with a base, each emulsion particle swells greatly. The emulsion clarifies under these conditions and becomes highly viscous.
  • RESICRYL TH-460 being a polymethacrylic acid thickener gives superior performance than conventional thickeners like CMC, HEC. Storage stability of paint wit RESICRYL TH-460 is much superior than with CMC or HEC. Solutions for use are prepared rapidly since neutralization occurs instantaneously with a variety of standard bases.
  • It is frequently possible to incorporate RESICRYL TH-460 directly into the system to be thickened without pre- neutralization. This avoids handling a viscous thickener solution. If the system contains enough free alkalinity to neutralize RESICRYL TH-460 then “in-situ” solubilization and thickening takes place. If no free alkalinity is present then alkali can be added to the system containing RESICRYL TH-460 and “in-situ” thickening will occur, RESICRYL TH-460 fully neutralizes at a pH approximately 8.0

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