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Appearance : Milky liquid
Solid content : 35 ± 2%
Ionicity : Anionic
pH : 4.5 - 5.5
Film Character : Soft


  • Soft and elastic film
  • Rapid penetration
  • Smooth glossy look
  • Very good uniformity without dopey appearance
  • Very good wet and dry rubbing fastness
  • High flexibility with good cold crack resistance


  • RESICRYL S-986 can be used in season coats for all soft types of leathers and is specially recommended for nappa. It imparts high flexibility to the finish with natural soft handle.
  • RESICRYL S-986 can also be incorporated in the impregnation system for the sake of softness and good filing.
  • Quantity to be used will depend upon non-bonding ingredients like pigments and the final finish desired.

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