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Appearance : Translucent liquid
Solid content : 30 ± 2%
Ionicity : Anionic
pH : 6.7-7.0
Film hardness : Easily Soluble In water


  • Excellent dispersion and easy penetration
  • Excellent compactness with good filling properties
  • Medium soft film
  • Good re-snuffing properties


  • RESICRYL I-106 can be used for corrected grain leathers from medium soft to medium hard handle.
  • It is preferred to be applied by roller coater machine for uniform impregnation properties.
  • Slow drying carried out at normal room temperature preferably keep ageing for about 12 hrs followed by vacuum drying
  • Quantity of application may vary from 250 – 400 gm/ltrs inclusive of about 100 parts of CPS – 7942 with each sq. ft. deposition of 24 – 28 g of the solution.

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