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Appearance : Translucent liquid
Solid content : 25 + 1%
Ionicity : Anionic
pH : 6.0 - 7.5
Film hardness : Medium soft


  • Excellent dispersion and penetration
  • Excellent grain tightening
  • Good compactness with optimum degree of closing
  • Very good snuffability
  • Enhances resistance to scuffing
  • Easy miscibility with water and polar solvents


  • RESICRYL I-102 can be used for corrected grain leathers ranging from medium soft to medium hard in handle.
  • RESICRYL I-102 is preferred to be applied by curtain coater for uniform impregnation throughout the leather surface. Slow drying should be carried out at normal room temperature and humidity with ageing for about 12 hrs followed by vacuum plating.
  • For corrected grain shoe upper leathers RESICRYL I-102 can be applied in the proportions of 300 to 400 parts per liter with each sq. ft. deposition of 24-28 g of the solution inclusive of about 100 parts of CPS - 7942.
  • Other highly penetrative acrylic dispersions like RESICRYL I-102 can be combined with it as per the temper and handle desired.

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