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Appearance : Milky viscous liquid
Solid content : 30 ± 2%
Ionicity : Anionic
pH : 7 - 8
Film hardness : Medium soft


  • Good filling properties with elastic film
  • Excellent covering
  • Very good behaviour on roller coating
  • Good plate release
  • Smooth surface touch
  • Good mechanical stability
  • Very good adhesion properties
  • Good light fastness


  • RESICRYL C-800 is a very special type of polymer compact designed for upgradation for all kind of leathers. It is highly suitable for C.G, Split and smooth finishes.
  • Its rheology supports roller coater applications. Thanks to its good light fastness character, it is suitable for pastel shades too.
  • Quantity to be used will depend upon the colouring ingredients and the final finish desired.

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