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Appearance : Translucent bluish liquid
Solid content : 30 + 1%
Ionicity : Anionic
pH : 8.0 - 9.5
Film Character : Medium hard
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • Clear glossy look
  • Excellent resistance to rubbing and abrading
  • Long lasting transparency
  • Smooth feel


  • PUTHANE TS - 8307 has been designed to top all medium soft and medium hard leather articles requiring high abrasion resistance and durable transparent shine.
  • The tough clear look yielded by PUTHANE TS 8307 is maintained for long. Its handle and resistance to flexing and milling can be well regulated with combination of other PU dispersions like PUTHANE TS 8290 in varying proportions in conformity to the leather article. 0.5- 1% of cross-linking agent in admixture will accelerate fixing.
  • PUTHANE TS 8307 is suitable for roller coater applications, while its aqueous dilutions can be auto-sprayed as per the end result aimed at.

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