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Appearance : Opaque White Liquid
Solid content : 15 ± 2%
Ionicity : Anionic
pH : 7.5 - 9.5
Film Character : Medium hard
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • Puthane TM 8183 is an excellent matt PU top for either upholstery, garment and shoes. It is a so called “Mother Topcoat”, that means it can be used concentrated and diluted, as it is or adding the desired touch modifier.
  • Puthane TM 8183 is a high performance topcoat, and has excellent fastness and UV resistance.
  • Puthane TM 8183 forms a matt and medium soft film. It is used as final top for furniture leathers. The application is made by spray mixing water and cross linked to obtain very high physical and mechanical resistance.
  • Puthane TM 8183 has good behavior to dry milling and a very good touch.


  • Puthane TM 8183 is advisable to store the product in a dry place and tightly closed drums. Due to its chemical nature it is recommended to protect the product against frost and to store it in tightly closed original packing (between +5° C and +35° C). It is recommended to stir the product before use. Please dispose of this product in the correct way, minimize the environmental impact.
    Packing and waste must be disposed according to local regulations.
    For user safety please refer to our safety data sheet before using the product.
    Safety protection devices should always be used. Data and suggestion included in the above sheet have to be considered as only indicative.



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