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Appearance : Translucent liquid
Solid content : 16 ± 1%
Ionicity : Non-ionic
pH : 6.0 - 7.0
Film Character : Soft
Solubility : Readily soluble in water


  • High extensibility and elasticity
  • Thin unloaded film
  • Very good anchorage
  • Improves rubfastness
  • Withstands polishing and drymilling
  • Resistant to heat and uv light
  • Compatible in both cationic and anionic media


  • PUTHANE NS-7160 imparts strength and flexural endurance to base and intermediate coat as well. It remarkably enhances adhesion of finish coats to the leather.
  • PUTHANE NS-7160 displays easy polishability which is further enhanced by incorporating cationic or anionic proteins and waxes from the range of C & E.
  • PUTHANE NS-7160 is suitable for all sorts of soft leathers with natural look and handle. 50 to 100 parts of PUTHANE NS-7160 are usually to be applied per litre of the solution depending on the article intended.

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