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Appearance : Viscous liquid
Solid content : 20 + 1%
Ionicity : Cationic
pH : 3.0 - 4.0
Film Character : Soft


  • Strong sealing effect
  • Glossy and highly elastic film
  • High resistance to mechanical actions
  • Excellent cold crack resistance
  • Strong adhesion of subsequent finish coats


  • PUTHANE - 6020 is highly effective as cationic sealing ground and upgrades almost all sorts of leathers maintaining soft handle.
  • The uniform appearance yielded by PUTHANE - 6020 is never dopey even when selection is candidly improved.
  • PUTHANE - 6020 displays excellent holding capacity for non-bonding ingredients in the cationic system.
  • PUTHANE - 6020 offers warm pleasant touch also along with good mechanical stability.
  • PUTHANE - 6020Depending upon the finish in question, the quantity of application may vary from 50-150g/l.

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