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Appearance : White thick paste
pH : 4.5 ( Approximately)
Light fastness : Very Good
Stability : Acids – Good, Alkalies – Poor, Salt – Very Good
Storage Stability : Very Good
Compatibility : With cation active agent – Good, With Non Ionic agent – Good, With Anionic active agent - Limited


  • In Chrome Tannages : Lisulkat 20 promotes the distribution of the chrome and accelerates through tanning, thus increasing the softness and fullness of the leather. It also acts as a lubricant and prevent thin leathers from becoming entangled when tanning is done in short liquor bath.
  • 1 – 2% Lisultkat 20 is suitable for Grain Leather as well as for Suede Leather.
  • In the Main or Preliminary Fatliquoring of Suede Leather : An excellent uniform through fatliquoring effect is achieved with Lisulkat 20. It gives the leather a soft, full handle and trouble free buffing properties. It can be combined with neatsfoot oil, sperm oil in the proportion of
    • 1:1 to induce a more propounced surface, softening effect.
    • 2 – 4% Lisulkat 20
    • 0 – 3% NEUTRAL OIL
  • As a top Fat Liquor for Grain Leathers : Lisulkat 20 is best added as a supplement to anionic fatliquoring baths to give complete bath exhaustion and fixation of the anionic fat liquor. The leathers are given pleasant handle.
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