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Appearance : Reddish brown viscous liquid
Active content : 60% ± 2%
PH : 7.5 – 8.5
Solubility : Stable to neutral salts, bases, acids and chrome salts at concentrations normally used in tanneries.


  • Deep Penetration
  • Pleasant Surface Feel
  • Good Grain Flexibility


  • Lisuline 40 exerts highly penetrative fatliquoring effect with a nice surface feel, imparts elastic grain, light weight to the leather. It does not create greasiness on flesh side of the leather, evenwhen used in higher percentage.
  • Lisuline 40 is particularly suitable for fatliquoring high quality leathers such as Garment, Nappa, softy and bag leather, Upholstery, Lining & all types of soft leather.
  • Lisuline 40 can be used 2 – 12% on haved weight depending upon the type of leather and result required.

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