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Appearance : Yellowish brown viscous liquid
Charge : Multi-charged
PH : 7.0 to 8.0
Stability : Stable to acids, alkalis, salts under usual tannery conditions.
Shelf Life : 12 months from the date of manufacture if stored away from extreme conditions & humidity


  • Lisuline NF gives Fat liquoring effect with Good-Penetration & excellent Inner Softness
  • Imparts pleasant Wet touch with Waxy Surface Handle, Superior Softness.
  • Improves Grain resistance, Controls Water absorbency.
  • Superior Inner-Fibre Lubrication ensures Silk touch & Feel to leather.
  • Excellent Light-Fastness.


  • Lisuline NF is a universal multi-charged compact fat liquor suitable for all types of soft leather i.e. Nappa, Soft Upper, Nubucks, Gloves, garment, upholstery and Suedes. It can be used as final fat liquor for suedes, where sheen is important.
  • It can be used alone or in conjunction with other anionic, synthetic or natural fat liquoring agents.
  • Lisuline NF can be used in re-chroming as chrome stable fat liquor. It can be used as pre fat liquor as well in main fat liquor.
  • 4% to 6% for Gloving
  • 4% to 8% for Garment, Upholstery & Nappas
  • 2% to 4% for Suede in Blend of Fats

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