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Appearance : Clear to slightly yellowish transparent solution
Active content : 29 + 1%
Compatibility : Readily compatible in aqueous media
Charge : 8.0 - 10.0


  • Excellent dispersing ability.
  • Suitable wash agent.


  • DISPERSAL - 85D is used as a dispersing agent in paint applications : This has a distinct edge over the conventional dispersing agents in its ability to suspend pigments uniformly and give a smooth finish to the paint formulations, more pronounced stability to Ca++ and high temperatures.
  • DISPERSAL - 85D is used as a washing off agent in textile applications : It is recommended to use DISPERSAL - 85D as a washing off agent in Printing and dyeing application because of the unique molecular structure. When used at 0.2-0.4% dosage levels, it imparts a repellency on pigments and keeps them suspended and prevent from re-depositing onto the printed surfaces.
  • DISPERSAL - 85D is also suggested to be used in Dye bath and as a after wash agent in disperse dyeing process for polyester fabrics.
  • DISPERSAL - 85D is also recommended for all applications where inorganic pigments or clay slurries are employed.

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