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Appearance : Crystalline white powder
Active Content : 85 ± 1 %
pH : 1.3-1.5
Solubility : Readily soluble in acidified water
Light fastness : Good


  • Strong and durable tanning properties
  • Good compactness in leathers
  • Ensures long damp shelf life
  • Sound environmental impact


  • DEPSON - T dissolves thoroughly in pickle bath and tanning is started at an approximate pH of 2.5. Colourless hydrogen peroxide indicates the penetration by turning to yellowish orange colour. A slow, progressive and steady pH increase with the help of mild alkaline salts fixes the tannins to get eventual pH around 4.0.
  • Emulsifying action on leather’s top layer and a modicum of fat liquoring in acidic media provide good wetting and uniform distribution of the tannins.
  • No major changes are required in the downstream operations as per up-to-date tan yards.
  • Optimal percentage of DEPSON - T lies about 8-10% on pelt weight. Resulting chrome free leathers record shrinkage temperature values about 80-85°C which is further enhanced with the help of subsequent retanning agents


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