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Appearance : Brown solid wax
Active content : 100%
Hardness : Medium hard
Melting point : 70 - 80°C
Solubility : Soluble in organic solvents


  • Excellent darkening effect
  • Excellent crush and repolishable effect
  • Good performance with high temperature plating
  • Provide a very rich surface feel on C.G. and F.G. Leather


  • CWAX - 7861 is specially designed for high darkening “Pull up” and “Crunch” effect.
  • This must be melted at 80°C and applied by heated roller (60°C-70°C) for optimum result.
  • CWAX - 7861 can be mixed with COIL NSO or COIL PS 22 for increasing the better penetration and darkening to the leather.It can be mixed with COIL NSO or COIL PS 22 to improve the uniform penetration and darkening respectively.
  • N.B.: Depending upon the source and origin of natural waxes used in the composition, the appearance may change from light to dark brown with the eventual application properties kept intact.

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