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Appearance : Pinkish viscous paste
pH : 2.5-4.0
Ionicity : Cationic
Solubility : Readily soluble in water
Film hardness : Soft


  • Rich aniline look
  • Strong holding capacity
  • Helps in sealing open defects
  • Avoids loading and dopey appearance
  • Excellent behaviour on polishing and glazing
  • Smooth waxy touch


  • CTOP - KGC has been especially designed for ground coats in polish and glaze finishes.
  • CTOP - KGC facilitates smooth mechanical actions and yields natural look when used with cationic polyurethane dispersions in the base coat.
  • Quantity of application can be varied from 50-200g/l depending upon the finish and effect desired.
  • Owing to atmospheric conditions and its own character, at times it may tend to gel that can be easily dissolved in hot water.

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