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  • Equalizes absorbency
  • Improves covering and shine
  • Maintains adhesion and flexibility
  • Yields aniline waxy effect


  • Thanks to its richness and high viscosity, CREMA BASE 1101 helps in getting pores closed up and leather surface shiny and homogeneous. This makes the substrate ready for final finishing.
  • CREMA BASE 1101 is applied with the help of synthetic or sea sponge in uniform circular motion.
  • After drying for about 4 minutes, the surface is brushed with cloth brush treated with BAR FIL 2101. CREMA LUSTRO 1101/1102 is applied and drying is again allowed for about 4 minutes.
  • The surface is again brushed with cloth brush treated with BAR FIL 2101 and then polished with woolen brush treated with BAR LUSTRO 2001 (brushing speed 800-900 rpm).
  • Water is recommended for usual washings.


  • Neutral, Black


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