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Appearance : Colourless clear liquid
Active content : 60 ± 2%
Compatibility : Readily compatible in aqueous media


  • Thorough penetration and impregnation
  • Effective capillary action
  • Facilitates leveling in staining
  • Strong dye solvent in aqueous media


  • CPS - 7942 has been designed to impart intensive impregnating effect. It regulates the evaporation rate and thereby strikes a balance of penetration and leveling. It should first be diluted with water and then impregnating binder should be added with stirring. Drop test can be carried out to determine the optimum ratio among impregnation binder, water and CPS - 7942. It may normally vary from 100-200 parts per litre.
  • CPS - 7942 also functions as a universal penetrator in staining or tinted season coats for a variety of leathers such as chrome tanned, heavily retanned or vegetable tanned. Its quantity to be applied largely depends on the absorbency of the crust. Here it may vary from 10-20 parts per litre.


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