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Constitution : Solution of selected cationic acrylic dye stuffs in water miscible solvent media
Ionicity : Cationic
Solubility : Readily soluble in water
Colour : Black, Brown, Yellow brown, Golden yellow, Yellow, Blue, Green, Maroon, Red


  • Excellent depth and brilliancy
  • Rapid covering and uniformity
  • Excellent rub fastness
  • Consistent colouring properties
  • Easy shade correction
  • Instant aesthetic appeal


  • Colorkats have been designed as chief colouring ingredients for cationic finishing formulations with their outstanding tinctorial strength and brilliancy.
  • Colorkats impart rapid uniformity and deepen the colour of the leather surface up to any extent desired.
  • Colorkats serve the purpose of readymade refreshers for nubuck and suede articles maintaining elegance, velvety feel and writing nap effect.
  • Colorkats are easily miscible with one another and are capable to yield any desired shade and tone in the colour spectrum.
  • N.B.: Colorkat colours are strongly cationic in nature and are strictly meant for cationic media.

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