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Appearance : Yellowish liquid
Solid content : 99 + 1%
Ionicity : Non-ionic
pH : 5.0 - 7.0 (1:1)
Solubility : Readily emulsifiable in water and organic solvents


  • Rapid and uniform dispersion
  • Softens temper of the leather
  • Gives light pull-up effect to the crust
  • Good behaviour on polishing and glazing
  • Resistant to electrolytes


  • COIL - NSO has been designed for pre-bottom coat to yield round and mellow handle in most of the soft leathers. Quantity of application may vary from 100-200 g/l over here.
  • COIL - NSO should be used in glazed and polished finishes to facilitate mechanical operations.
  • COIL - NSO is satisfactorily effective for crunch, crazy and pull-up leathers in high concentrations along with synthetic waxes.
  • COIL - NSO is recommended to be used as free oil during main fat liquoring in drum for better lubrication of the fibers and fastness to UV light.

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