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Appearance : Creamy liquid
Solid content : 58 + 1%
Ionicity : Cationic
pH : 3 - 4
Solubility : Readily emulsifiable in water


  • Levels out uneven absorption
  • soft and round crust handle
  • Avoids overloading on the grain during finishing
  • Increases elasticity of the grain layer
  • Pleasant oily waxy feel


  • COIL - KOG can be used alone or combination with other cationic compounds in pre-bottom coats to regulate the sealing of full grain or snuffed leathers for the subsequent application of finishes.
  • COIL - KOG helps in promoting particularly smooth and pleasing handle to soft nappa or medium soft shoe upper leathers.
  • COIL - KOG acts as oily waxy feel improver when used on top for DD leathers.
  • Quantity to be used may vary from 25-150 g/l depending upon the desired effect.

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