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Appearance : Off-white deliquescent powder
Active Content : 98 ± 2 %
PH : 8-10
Solubility : Readily dissolves in water
Odour : Faint


  • Buffering agent to raise pH
  • Masking action for mineral tannins
  • Neutralizing properties


  • CBASE- SF is used as masking agent in the percentages of 0.5-1% on pickled weight during chrome tanning resulting in uniform distribution of basic chrome sulfate.
  • CBASE- SF helps to basify in combination with stronger alkaline salts like sodium bicarbonate in order to fix the tannins.
  • CBASE- SF acts as slow neutralizing agent. Percentage on shaved weight can vary from 0.5-1.5% depending upon the desired pH. Stronger alkaline salts like ammonium or sodium bicarbonate can be used in combination to neutralize positive charges faster.

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