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Appearance : Beige powder
Active Content : 96 ± 1 %
pH at 10% : 1.0 ± 0.5
Solubility : Good


  • Single product to do the deliming and the pickling process.
  • Very Good TDS balancing chemical from the addition.
  • Reduces water consumption substantially.
  • We work in the same bath from the deliming to the tanning.
  • No load of ammonium salts to effluent.
  • Reduces use of salt.
  • The product can be added directly by door (without dilution).
  • Doesn’t have exothermic reaction.
  • Reduces the acid attack on the fibers.
  • Increases the chrome fixing while tanning.
  • Leather is with more fullness and tightness.
  • The calcium salts generated are soluble, so these are out after the final wash, without increase in the ash content.
  • Less use of basifying agent.


  • Depending on the leather state (divided or integral), the doses can vary between 3 to 5%. Always, these doses start after two baths.


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