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Constitution : Metal complex dye in polar solvent media
Ionicity : Anionic
Solubility : Readily soluble in water and organic solvents
Colour : Yellow Brown, Royal Blue, Marine Blue, Green, Yellow, Lemon, Orange, Red, Pink


  • Very high depth and brilliancy
  • Easy uniformity and covering
  • Good rubfastness
  • High resistance to heat and light


  • ANIOSPARK are tuned to enhance colour intensity, depth and brilliance to the commendable level in any finish coat from the staining bottom to the top. Thanks to their easy compatibility with aqueous and non- aqueous media as well, ANIOSPARK are immensely useful for colour adjustments in a variety of leathers.
  • The high concentration facilitates ANIOSPARK to modify the tone of leather in relatively small quantities thereby diminishing the unwanted exposure of the leather to the solvents.
  • ANIOSPARK colours are easily miscible with one another and any new tone can be got by permuting combinations of the existing ones.

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