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Hard acrylic binder for Abrasive articles/Textile finishing
Appearance : Milky off white emulsion
Solids(20 minutes@150 degc) : 43-45%
Viscosity : 200 cps max.
pH : 2-4
Tgcalc : 34 deg c
Charge : Anionic


  • Excellent Hard Binder
  • Good backing binder for abrasive articles
  • Good Crosslinking behaviour


  • 1. Resicryl H-845 is used for stiff finishes with better durability than the conventional polyvinyl acetate dispersions or vinyl acrylic copolymers. Resicryl H-845 is recommended for interlinings for permanent durability.
  • 2. For coated or backed abrasives : The coated abrasive consists of 3 layers: the backing, binder and the abrasive grain. Resicryl H-845 seems to be an ideal binder for getting the optimum performance. The recommended dosage level for polyester web is 20% of the binder and varies based on substrate and applications. Nonionic emulsifiers can be added to increase the workability and stability.
  • 3. For better crosslinking UF/MF resins can be used. Though the binder itself is self crosslinking, additional catalyst like ammonium nitrate or oxalic acid is recommended where faster curing is desired.

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