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Clour & Appearance : Clear Brownish Yellow Liquid.
Acid Value (mgs.KOH / g) : Maximum 4
Monomer content (wt %) : 57+/-2
Gel time @ 118 deg C (Secs) : 160 ± 30 (With 1.3% TBPB )


  • CE POL M-63 is a low viscosity modified acrylic resin, especially designed for Pultrusion process. Structures made with CE POL M-63 exhibit good mechanical properties and the resin can take high filler loading.

Silent Features:

  • CE POL M-63 is designed for high speed Pultrusion processing with improved finish and reduced shrinkage.

Properties of Unreinforced Cast Resin : (Cured for 24 hrs. at room temperature followed by for 8 hrs. at 100 deg. C)

  • Tensile Strength (Kgs./cm.2 ) : 75
  • Flexural Strength (Kgs./cm.2 ) : 120
  • Heat Distortion Temperature (Deg.C) : 100


  • CE POL M-63 is of limited shelf life. Storage in low humidity environment below 250C insecurely closed containers is recommended. Exposure of container to direct sunlight should be avoided at all costs. Material is guaranteed for a shelf life of 90 days from manufacturing date when stored at suggested conditions. Storage at higher temperatures will adversely affect shelf life.

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