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(A Special Enzyme Preparation)
Appearance : Ivory White to Light Brown Colour Powder
pH of 10% Solution : 6.00 - 7.00
Moisture Content : 4.0% Max
Solubility : Soluble
Shelf Life : 2 years when kept closed under shade and at normal room temperature. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.

  • C - ZYME UTis a special blend of enzymes carefully designed to minimize folds and wrinkles and to improve softness & grain smoothness of leathers. C - ZYME UT has no negative action on grain structure of leathers.
  • C - ZYME UT has a strong softening action on folds and wrinkles appearing on pickled, chrome tanned skins and hides.


  • A dosage of 1% - 3% is recommended to remove folds and wrinkles. C - ZYME UT helps to achieve uniform bright color in wet blues and marginal area improvement is also noticed.
  • C - ZYME UT : is very useful in the manufacture of upholstery leathers. A dosage of 1% -3% is required and duration can vary from 60' - 120'. C - ZYME UT improves air and water perme-ability in upholstery leathers.
  • ON PICKLED STOCK : Depickle the leathers to pH 6 - 6.5. Degreasing is to be done if neces-sary. 1% - 3% C - ZYME UT to be added to drum and run for 1 hr. Folds and wrinkles removal to be checked and bath has to be drained. The leathers are thoroughly washed and repickled. Chrome Tanning is done in the usual manner.
  • CHROME TANNED STOCK : Wet blue is treated with mild alkalis like formate to increase the pH to 4.5. 1% - 3% C - ZYME UT is added to drum and run for 60 -90 minutes. The skins are checked for folds removal and the leathers are thoroughly washed. Subsequent operations like Rechroming, Neutralisation, Retanning are carried on in usual manner.
  • DRY & HARD CRUST : C - ZYME UT plays an important role in softening of fibres of Dry & Hard Crust. Useful leathers can be turned out of old stocks. A dosage of 1% - 3% C - ZYME UT is recommended along with wetting agent and ammonia in wet back process.
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