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Constitution : Metal complex dyes in water miscible media
Ionicity : Anionic
Solubility : Readily soluble in water and water miscible solvents
Appearance : As per colour


  • High depth and brilliance
  • Homogeneous emulsion
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • High fastness to heat and light


  • AQUASHEEN have been designed to impart desired tone and depth in shade to a variety of finishes ranging from aniline, semianiline to pigmented finishes. It’s quite easy to get uniformity while staining with AQUASHEEN.
  • Thanks to their rapid solubility and good emulsion stability in aqueous media, AQUASHEEN highly suit to mechanized bulk processing of finished leathers.
  • Dilution ratio with water needs be adjusted as per the shade and toning desired. Staining can be had in the quantities of 75 – 150 gm per lit along with 20 – 30 parts of CPS penetrators. For base and intermediate season coats, 2 -3% of AQUASHEEN by weight usually enhance the depth and brilliance to a satisfactory extent.

Matching is recommended to reach the precise tinctorial requirements before application.

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