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Constitution : Metal complex dyes in water miscible media
Anionic : Anionic
Solubility : Readily soluble in water and water miscible solvents
Appearance : As per colour


  • Excellent depth
  • Quick uniformity
  • Good emulsion stability
  • High resistance to heat and light


  • AQUACONC provide a potentially emphatic accent for emerging trends of excellent depth and brilliance in leather finishing industry globally. Easily compatible with anionic aqueous media, AQUACONC are well equipped with excellent toning power, homogeneous dispersion and commendable uniformity.
  • Ready solubility and good emulsion stability render AQUACONC highly application friendly and ensure smooth staining and seasoning for mechanized bulk productions of finished leathers.
  • Dilution ratio with water needs be adjusted as per the shade and toning desired. Staining can be had in the quantities of 50 – 100 gm per lit along with 20 – 30 parts of CPS penetrators. For base and intermediate season coats, 1 -2% ofAQUACONC by weight intelligibly add up to satisfactory depth and brilliance.

Matching is recommended to reach the precise tinctorial requirements before application.

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